Tried the most popular mobile game yet? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Get Free Diamonds

Tried the most popular mobile game yet? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Get Free Diamonds
calendar 11 Jun 2022
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or fondly known as MLBB, is a MOBA on mobile devices only, launched six years ago on both Android and iOS devices.

A game that some might consider a clone of the OG MOBAs like DOTA 2 or League of Legends. In 2016, MLBB brought to mobile the popular MOBA genre by simplifying and optimising the gameplay for touchscreens, attracting the vast population of hyper-casual gamers. According to game statistics authority, we now see over eighty million average monthly players in 2022. Needless to say, the game is pretty popular!

Today we will be covering MLBB, giving you a high-level overview, highlighting why this genre and especially this game is so popular and why you should consider playing if you have not!


Let's first talk about the core gameplay of MLBB. If you have played Dota 2 or League of Legends, you will feel right at home here; in a nutshell, the game is just like any other MOBA game. Two teams of five players battle against each other in matches, where both the teams try to take the enemy's tower as they defend their own and fight over three lanes.

The biggest distinction between MLBB and its competitors is its pace. Mobile Legends has the fastest pace of game and even speedier matchmaking than any MOBA, which is perfect for mobile gamers - matchmaking usually takes less than 10 seconds, and games last 10 minutes. MLBB managed to significantly increase their pace and reduce gameplay time by simplifying the learning curve other MOBAs had and increasing the power scaling of their characters; that could seem absurd to hardcore MOBA players but perfect to casual gamers.

Another difference is how MLBB is focused on individual gameplay rather than team strategy, which makes sense as every game lasts a short time. Not to say that there is no strategy in MLBB; instead, strategies are just sped up, with everyone focused on scaling quick and hitting hard.

Another concept MLBB brought to the table is its AI assistant, which replaces any player that might drop off due to poor internet connection. This enables the game to continue seamlessly even though your teammate might have lost a player.

In other aspects, MLBB has stunning graphics and is action-packed. It also has various modes beyond the traditional game mode, which gives it enough breadth for a casual mobile game. Making it an obvious choice for any casual gamer looking to have fun during their spare time.

All in all, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the best mobile games our team has played; its fast-paced and exciting action keeps us wanting to play one match after the other. And while today we have only covered the game at a high level, we will be diving further into characters and strategies in our upcoming articles, so do look out for them!

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