Genshin Impact 3.0 Beta Launching Soon

Genshin Impact 3.0 Beta Launching Soon
calendar 02 Aug 2022
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Genshin Impact is an amazing open-world action RPG by Hoyoverse launched in September 2020 and is free-to-play on Android, iOS, Windows and Playstation 4 and 5.

Set in the beautiful and expansive world, you play a mysterious traveller accompanied by your twin sibling who gets kidnapped during an attack by a mysterious and evil entity.

Your adventure starts with your character waking up at a beach, and you set off on a quest to find your lost sibling. Your journey is filled with lots of fighting, gathering resources, crafting items and exploring the world of Teyvat.

The Game

Genshin Impact was a success even before its launch. With over 20 million registered users right before it was even released. Today, according to statistic authority,, Genshin Impact is estimated to have had an average of over 60,000,000 players monthly, with the most number of players in one day being as high as over 10,000,000.

In comparison, courtesy of MMO Population, we can see below we can see how other popular online games compare:

GameTotale Players
Final Fantasy1.84m
Old School Runescape1.34m
World of Warcraft2.27m
Destiny 2766.75k

Not surprisingly, with its gorgeous graphics and impressive pool of characters, it’s easy to see why it’s charmed so many players. HoYoverse’s MMORPG blow its competition out of the water with the closest behind it is World of Warcraft with 2.27m.

Genshin Impact 3.0

Since June 8th, HoYoverse officially started recruiting players for the 3.0 private beta. And a few prominent leakers have shared some details of the new region Sumeru. Regarding characters, players are anticipating a long list of new ones, including Dendro, Baizhu, Yaoyao, Nilou, Cyno and others but the leaks online do not specify which ones will appear in the upcoming update.

If you are excited about the new release, you may try your luck by signing up through Genshin 3.0 beta application form. Below are the requirements to apply for the 3.0 beta:

  1. Be above 18
  2. Join their Discord server and verify your mobile number
  3. Fill in the form shared above with information including your HoYolab ID, Adventure Rank level etc

Do note that being selected as a beta tester will be challenging since their Discord server already has over 800,000 members.

We are all excited and looking forward to this new update and will be keeping you guys up-to-date with the latest developments and leaks.

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